July 18, 2006

Cooking on vacation

Hey guys!!! I am finally back home. We had a great week at my folks home. To give you a bit of history my Dad had a heart attack about 18 months ago. He is doing great, by the way, but he tires more easily. I knew that my crew of six would tax him at mealtimes so here is what I did. I volunteered to cook for the time we were there. I love to cook so that was not a big deal for me. I prepared breakfast, lunch and dinner for our family and my parents for the duration of our time there. The blessing I got was unexpected. There were a few times my Dad and I got to cook together. That is a rarity. A truly enjoyable time was had when we cooked together. I love my Daddy!!! He is the cook in the family. The love for cooking and food comes from my Meemaw and my Daddy. He comes from a long line of great cooks. I was like a little kid waiting for the teacher's approval all week. LOL He complimented me and it just made my heart soar!!! He has been quite encouraging about going back to school. He just has no idea how we do everything we do but he encouraged me and that thrilled my heart so much!!! I will share a few stories in the coming days of being in the kitchen, foods I prepared and some wonderful treasures my Mom sent home with me to use as I prepare to start the career that lay ahead. Let me upload some pictures and then I will share some more with you. It is so good to be home but I would not trade that time with my folks in the kitchen and going through such wonderful memories.

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