July 05, 2006

Dishes I have in my files...

Dishes I have in my files...

Fish/seafood menus
Grilled salmon
Baked catfish
Healthy halibut FP pg. 89
Tuna or salmon patties
Tuna steaks
Sushi rolls
Shrimp marinara
Cheese tuna rice muffinlettes FP pg. 123
Baked trout
Crab cakes
Tuna noodle casserole

Turkey menus
Turkey burgers
Turkey enchiladas
Turkey tetrazini
Turkey pot pie

Vegetarian menus
Vegetable lasagna
Veggie stuffed bell peppers
Beans and cornbread
Black bean and corn burritos
Pasta and vegetarian sauce
Cream of broccoli soup
Potato soup
Split pea soup
Lentil soup
Vegetable soup
Tomato soup
Corn chowder
Bean enchilada bake
Chili relleno casserole
Spinach quiche
Rachael Ray's mushroom casserole

Chicken menus
Chicken enchiladas
Chicken and dumplings
Chicken vegetable tetrazzini
Crock-pot chicken
Parmesan chicken
Texas golden chicken
Chicken pot pie
Chicken and rice
Chicken tortilla soup
Chicken pepper skillet
Sweet and sour chicken
Chicken fried rice
Curried chicken and rice
Chicken broccoli casserole
Baked or roasted chicken
Italian marinated chicken
Apricot chicken
Chicken fajitas

Fettuccini Alfredo
Meatball sandwiches
Lasagna rolls
Chicken parmesan
Add some Irish, Chinese, Mexican, Asian, and German recipes or any others I can find.

Beef menus
Hamburger pie
Taco salad
Beef stew
Beef and broccoli
Beef stroganoff
Taco pie with biscuit mix
Sloppy Joes
Cheesy corn casserole
Aztec quiche OAMC pg. 64
Oat stuffed bell pepper
Oriental pepper steak
Mexican stroganoff OAMC pg. 36
Spaghetti and meat sauce
Filet minon
Steak night
Beef fajitas
Rachael Ray's Meatball soup

My plan is to build on this in the smaller catagories and to experiment with new dishes this year. I have a bazillion cookbooks so I will scour them for more. I will also add desserts and breakfast lists to round it out. The goal is to take all these things my family loves to eat as well as some new things and cut the salt and fat as much as possible.

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