July 27, 2006

Got a plan for camp food...

Here is my menu plan for camp food. I make my grocery list off of the things used to make these dishes and it is loaded into the ol' RV and taaaadaaaa - Camping Meals!

Breakfast burritos
Dry cereal
Omelets and other egg dishes (maybe even a spinach quiche - YUMMO!!! - I will have to share that one with you...)

If I can find them I will get some low salt and nitrite free meats (that is a HUGE IF!!!) Freshly milled flour does not last for more than about three days so we are carrying some white flour up but I will mills some before we head out for the first few days we are out and use the white flour only after we run out of the other. I sure wish there was a little travel mill for such occasions.

Make granola bars and bread to take
Cheese sticks

Tuna melts pg.16
Sloppy Joes pg.29
Chicken and tuna salad sandwiches for lunches
Black bean burritos pg. 77
Black bean soup pg. 79
Quesadillas pg. 119
Peanut butter and jelly or lunch meats and cheese

Green chili casserole
Spaghetti and meatballs
Chili and cornbread
Chicken spectacular pg.19
Hot dogs
Lentils and rice bake see pg. 63 for idea
Chicken pot pie pg. 100
Chicken tortilla soup pg. 113

We are packing lots of veggies and fruits to eat fresh, too. They store under my bunk in a big plastic bin for travel. Since I am eating more vegetarian these days I gotta have those!!! We will hopefully catch some trout while we are there, too, and that will be dinner one night if we do.


Tea bags (decaf)
Kool-Aid packets (We LOVE the invisibe kind with no dyes!!!)
Juice boxes (only 100% juice)
Coffee (decaf)
Herbal teas, too
Water bottles (small and big)
Milk for cereal and Rice Milk for me

Page numbers are from a book I am taking with me.

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