July 05, 2006

Oh, the things we do for our Boy Scouts...

As a young Boy Scout, JoNathan is learning many things. There are lots of things he has to do with the troop and lots of things his Daddy is teaching him but there is one thing I must do to make my boy a well-rounded citizen. It is going to be hard and a huge sacrifice on my part but it must be done. I am going to have to break down and purchase a few things to help us. It will be hard but I will do this because I love my boy and I love scouting. The task...

* Break down and buy cookbooks that teach how to cook in cast iron and dutch ovens.

* I will have to help him research and find recipes online

* I will have to help him meal plan and shop

* Spend time slaving over hot equipment creating and cooking recipes that MUST be consumed by our family.

* Let JoNathan cook dinner for us using said equipment and recipes so that he can earn his badge. He has to prepare the meal from start to finish and all I do is make sure he doesn't get hurt. Can I just sit back and read a book while he cooks? We shall see...

It will be hard... but I think I am up to the task. *giant tongue in cheek here*

For a Cookbook Addict and Culinary Student this is going to be SUCH A SACRIFICE!!!



  1. Hi Leann,
    I just ran across your blog after searching for boy scouting. I'm trying to lose weight too and I'm brand new to blogging.

    Please respond because I need all the help I need to stay healthy and be a good mom.

    REM's Mom

  2. Did you have a specific question or just wanted me to respond to let you know I saw this? :) If you are interested in our weightloss blog you can check it out at http://one-weigh-or-another.blogspot.com My main blog is http://www.homeschoolblogger.com/Academy252

    This is my food blog because I love to cook and am currently in a culinary arts program to become a chef.

    Thanks for stopping by and I would be glad to answer any questions you might have anytime...