July 24, 2006

Some new reading...

I am heading into my last Italian class on Wednesday. It has been such a delight to be in that class this summer. There have been lots of fun people to share it with, too. We are going to be eating together one last time and asking some last minute questions on things we want to know. One of the things that Jenn shared with us was a variety of sauces throughout the summer. She gave this book as a reference. I was looking around at Amazon this last week and found a copy of this for about $1.90 and could not pass it up. It came in the mail today and I cannot wait to sit down and read through it. It will have to wait until I get back from the RV trip, though. It is a HUGE resource and full of great information. I also got an RV cooking book in the mail today and will be planning menus for our trip. I am getting so excited about starting the fall semester in the culinary arts program. I am living my dream and cannot believe God is letting it all happen. Throughout the semester I will be sharing more on my passions and goals in getting this degree. I am still pinching myself over it all!!!

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