July 05, 2006

Sweet Biscuit Recipe

Here is the Sweet Biscuit Recipe:

170g/6oz./1 1/2 cups flour

115g/4oz./1 stick of butter

55g/2oz./1/4 cup caster (fine) sugar

1. Rub the butter into the flour and add the sugar, as for shortcrust pastry. Gather the mixture together and knead lightly.

2. Roll out to 5mm/1/4 inch thick and cut into rounds with a 6.5cm/2 1/2 inch cutter or into heart shapes.

3. Bake in a 180 degree celcius or 350 degree fahrenheit oven until pale brown - about 15 minutes. Remove adn cool on a rack. Serve with fruit fools, compotes and ice cream or we just enjoy them with coffee or hot tea.

This recipe is from The Festive Foods of Ireland by Darina Allen



  1. Anonymous6:55 AM

    The biscuits cooked up slightly dry. I'd roll them a wee bit thinner next time and try them at the thickness of a cracker.

    But we topped them with dollops of freshly whipped cream and fresh blackberries.

    Multo Bene!

    The thinner cracker-like biscuits could be stacked in a sandwich of fruit and cream into a Napoleon-like concoction...

  2. Anonymous4:09 PM

    Would adding more butter hurt these? I'm learning the in's and out's of pastry making and this was the first try...

    The goal is to increase the moisture a little, maybe increase the 'flakiness'.

  3. Sure you could add more butter... I think you could just adjust until you get the consistency you like. You want it to bind together when you press it or mash it together but not be sticky in your hands.

    I must admit I don't follow this recipe exactly. I will often just add butter until I get the right feel under my fingers. :)

    I could totally see these being used for a Napolean! YUM!!!