July 23, 2006

Taking it on the road...

I just ordered a few new cookbooks - like I needed more right??? I only own about 200 or so now. LOL ;) I am making some changes in the way we travel and eat. The last two weeks have been a little rough on the system. In our home we are eating low salt, lower fat and lower sugar as we head into middle age. When we head north in the old truck and trailer we have been accustomed to packing lots of canned things to get us through our time there but canned goods are LOADED with "bad for you" stuff. The books I ordered are about RV and Camp Cooking. I am going to be menu planning from these and adapting them to fit our dietary needs for our upcoming road trip. Here they are...

1 comment:

  1. Perfect timing. we are going camping (our first time) next month. I'll be checking back to see if you found good ones (that are hopefully easy!)