July 05, 2006

Who am I...

Who am I...

as a cook? I absolutely love cooking! I love being in the kitchen. One of the best things someone could get me for Christmas would have to be a cookbook or a kitchen gadget. I think I love kitchen tools as much as my husband loves his power tools. I collect cookbooks of all kinds. I use them on a daily basis, too. I think every cookbook I own has at least one recipe that I use regularly. I am always looking for new recipes to try for my family. I love going to a restaurant and ordering something and trying to figure out what is in so that I can go home and try to replicate it. The most recent thing I am working on replicating is a corn chowder with green chilis and a chili relleno quiche.

My favorite shows to watch are all on the Food Network and include 30 Minute Meals and Good Eats among others. I watch the local PBS cooking shows on Saturday mornings when I am home and often try recipes from a show within the weekend after I see it. I enjoy giving food gifts!

My dream job would be either running a Bed and Breakfast where I can cook for guests or running a kitchen at a local tea shop. i love baking and cooking to please my family and would love to own a kitchen that is top of the line with lots of space and all the cool things I see on Martha Stewart's studio kitchen such as a refrigerator drawer and multiple ovens and even an indoor grill. So cool!!!

I want to teach my children to cook and I love cooking with Dan, too. I am currently working on refining bread recipes and experimenting with a variety of grains. I sooooooo... need to get a bread cookbook for whole foods!

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