August 15, 2006

A bit of structure for this blog...

After a month of being online I am refining what I want this place to be. I have a few missions in life and lots of plans for the future (all flexible as God shapes them and me). I have decided that there needs to be some focus here at this blog. I realize that I need it to keep me consistent. So, here goes...

* Monday Menu Planning - menu plans when I have them and recipes on this day
* Tuesday Tidbits - Gadgets and tools I love
* Wednesday Websites - websites I find helpful and full of great food and recipes
* Thursday Thoughts - just random food and thoughts about food, memories of great food and sharing it with great people and culinary stuff that I am enjoying
* Friday Cookbooks - cookbooks I love or wish I had along with book reviews on good reads in the culinary world I have found

Sound like a plan? Now, I hope I can follow it all... ;)

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