August 30, 2006

Chef Gear and School...

chef gear 2
chef gear 2,
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I picked up all my supplies that are required for the Culinary program for the semester. We have been through our first quiz and I think we get those back today. We started the week with a lesson in making stocks and fumets. I have a huge list of vocabulary to learn and a list of pathogens to memorize, too, and how they effect the body and food they come in contact with. I have been preaching the clean hands and clean workspace code to the kids all week and they think I have gone bananas over cleanliness. I think we are learning some cutting skills tonight and we will be cleaning the kitchen in preparation for the coming banquets and events this semester. I don't mind the cleaning... I do it all day at home so it is nothing new to me. ;)

Two more pics...

More gear and chef shoes

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