August 25, 2006

Friday's Favorite Cookbook...

I got married just over 17 years ago. When I did I recieved a classic cookbook that I still use several times a week today. It is the Betty Crocker Cookbook. My husband's cousin gave it to us. As she was handing it to us she noted that the pizza recipe was a must! LOL The cheese pizza recipe is on page 167. ;) It has been used ever since. The look has changed over the years for each new generation of newlyweds and beginning cooks but the quality is still the same and it still has many basics that most of us need as we begin our cooking journeys. The recipes are tried and true and I would not want to do without my old 1987 copy. You will note that the one at the top is the one I have (1987 edition) and the one on the bottom is the newest edition. It makes a perfect wedding gift! :)

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