August 20, 2006

How goes the diet? ...and some culinary school nerves...

Well, I have lost 5 pound as of this morning. I am feeling good and eating mostly vegetarian. I find my body craving a bit of real meat from time to time, though. My book (The Sonoma Diet)and new scale (Tanita brand) should be here this week.

I start school tomorrow and will be doing some weekend menu planning for the weeks ahead as I go. I am using the crockpot more frequently and will try to do some Dinner's in the Freezer sessions when I can, too.

My family is quite precious to me and they are making some sacrifices as I go back to school, too. They are having to suffer through taste testing all my new food skills. ;) (Dan is quite excited about this) They are having to give me some time to study and work. They are doing more chores to help me out. They are also having to do without me in the evenings. ...BUT one thing I have made plans for is the MANDATORY FAMILY DINNER time each night. I have scheduled my classes so that I am home to eat with them every night of the week, either after class or before I have to head out for the evening.

I am really excited about tomorrow and quite a bit nervous. I just hope I am not older than all my professors! LOL

I leave you with this little quote...

Vegetables are a must on a diet. I suggest carrot cake, zucchini bread, and pumpkin pie.
~Jim Davis, "Garfield"

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