August 24, 2006

Thursday Thoughts - A Bit of Culinary School News...

Here are the textbooks I am using and one should be here today so I can start reading through the weekend.

Tonight is my last class for the week. I have lots of reading and studying to do. The first thing I have to do is memorize a bunch of lists. I have to know something called the Kitchen Brigade, a list of terms and equipment used in a commercial kitchen. I won't be online much this next few days. I have my first quiz on Monday.

I am loving my classes so much!!! All the work is not a problem for me. I cannot get enough. My classes are flying by. We have to end class before I am ready to leave. This is where I belong!!! Dan has even seen a difference in my mood since I started. I am more scheduled and we are more structured at home. This is making a difference in my whole life. God is good!!!!!

The two classes I am taking are Culinary Fundamentals and Sanitation and Safety. I will have lots of projects and labwork. One of the projects I am really excited about in San&Safety is to design my own commercial kitchen and restaurant. I will be working on it throughout the semester and will present all of it in Power Point using Visio by the end of the semester. All the other students were rolling their eyes and sighing at the assignment but I am totally excited to do that! I am in this to learn absolutely EVERYTHING I can!!!

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