August 31, 2006

Thursday Thoughts - Just exhausted...

We turned the television off for the month of August with the exception of Netflix movies. It is a good thing because I have NO time to watch television anymore. My brain will thank me for that later, I am sure. ;) Here is what a typical day looks like in my home the past two weeks...

6:00am - drag self out of bed to start the day after baby has
been in the bed with us kicking us since 2:00am.
6:15am - no exercise because I am just too tired from lack of sleep
so I am getting up and reading my Bible pretty quickly so I can get started on all the chores like
* laundry
* unloading the dishwasher
* starting breakfast
* getting kids to do their chores
* doing a bit of straightening
* taking a shower and getting self dressed for the day
* checking e-mail and making self turn the computer off
7:00am - breakfast for all and Bible reading with kiddos
7:30am - clean up kitchen after breakfast and start reloading the dishwasher
8:00am - what's for dinner? ...get that started...
8:30am - start bread process for family loaves and for a friend who is buying bread twice this week.
9:00am - start school with kids
school, school, school, and more school...
12:00pm - LUNCHTIME!!!
12:30pm - clean up after lunch and load more dishes
1:00pm - kids nap and I study
study, nap, study, nap, study, study, study...
3:00pm - start getting ready for class (sometimes getting kids to piano lesson before class and sometimes just getting ready for sitter to come and stay until Dan gets home) or if this is a late class day then I study until about...
4:00pm - and then start dinner
5:00pm - class or dinner
6:00pm - clean kitchen if I am home and then get ready for late class
6:30pm - come home from early class and put supper on the table
7:00pm - getting settled for bedtime process until 8:30pm and then all kids in bed
8:30pm - Dan or study time depending on the day and what is due next. My poor hubby is such a trooper in all of this!!!!!
10:15 ish... bedtime for an exhausted mommy and daddy of four and part time students (Dan is working on his doctorate, too)...

So, this is my life in a nutshell. I am feeling guilty for even taking the time to post this today because I have more reading to do and clothes to launder before class tonight.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday are pretty much clean house and study days except for the time we are at church on Sunday. This is so much harder than when I was 20 something working on a master's degree with no kids. I soooooo.... need some sleep!!!!!

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