September 09, 2006

...but it's a really good kinda tired

My first catering adventure...

* Got up Saturday morning and was at work by 7:30am.

* I was put to work warming bagels and roasted potatoes right away.

* Aida assigned me to cooking eggs, too.

* I was using three skillets at one time and had to keep all of them from sticking and burning. I did that!

* I used roasted red peppers, chopped green onions and olive oil.

* I sautéed that and then added the precooked turkey sausage.

* Once all of that was ready I added the egg and whipping cream to the skillets.

* I wound up cooking six skillets of eggs for the brunch.

* I seasoned them with white pepper and kosher salt and then topped them with a cheese blend Aida had mixed the night before.

* Once all was cooked and placed in pans for transit we loaded the car and headed to Texas Tech Medical for the brunch.

* Three people were sent ahead to set up and Aida and I cooked everything and brought the food

* Aida showed me how to box a table with tablecloths. COOL!!!

* We set up and put little tags with each pan to tell what was in the pans. The tags were cute and a nice touch!

* Aida forgot water bottles so I made a run in her car to the store for water and ice.

* When I got back I was assigned to the table to serve the hot foods.

* I served food, refilled drinks and bussed tables and then it was time to start tearing down

* We served about 80 people total.

* Aida had rented tables, chairs, dishes, silverware, some glasses and linens for the tables so all we had to do was put all that back in boxes and bags for the rental company to pick up.

* The rest of it we loaded back into the car and went back to Aida’s place and washed everything before we closed it up for the day.

* She paid me in food… GOOD FOOD!!!!! The kids and Dan were excited about the goodies.

* I enjoyed my time with her very much and I learned a great deal about the process today.

* It is so much work but I had a blast!!!

* I am the most stoked about the fact that she let me cook and I was the only one she let cook besides herself. She trusted me and that felt great!!!

* We were done around 1:45pm and I headed home to start dinner for the family.

* The next event will be October 7, 2006 and maybe a few Sunday evenings putting lunchboxes together for a local private school.

* What a cool job she has!!!

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