September 08, 2006

Culinary School Updates...

Week three is gone already! We are still waiting on jackets and aprons but I have my pants, shoes, socks and hats. We did get into the kitchen this week and started with the classic knife cuts this week. Guess who cut herself the FIRST NIGHT IN THE KITCHEN??? YUP!!! It was about the new knife and a very knotty potato. Note: when using a new knife always get the feel for it before you take it to class and try to cut with it for the first time. It was lighter than the one I use at home and it slipped and grazed my knuckle. A mere flesh wound compaired to the other two who cut themselves, though... ;) We found out that the record was 6 students cutting themselves the first day in the kitchen.

I think I also made a 100 on my first test in Safety and Sanitation. There are no lab hours with this class and it is a great deal of memory work. I think memorizing scripture all these years has kept me in practice so it is coming easier than I thought it would. :)

Chef did like my first attempt at some classic cuts and then we did a Tomato Concasse. He pointed out that I needed to work on consistency with size but that I was doing quite well as a beginner in the program. That's cool... :D

I have homework this weekend and my journal pages need to be done by Monday. We have our first really comprehensive test in Safety and Sanitation on Thursday next week. It covers the first four chapters. I am building my study guide for that, too.

I'll share pics of the full uniform when I get it all together...

Thanks for reading!

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