September 22, 2006

Favorite Cookbook Friday...

A little tidbit about me is that I collect cookbooks. All kinds of cookbooks... So, you get three pics today! :)

Last summer we took a trip to Nashville, Tennessee and we were there we made time to see the Country Music Hall of Fame. I grew up listening to country music because of my Dad. The museum was such a great experience because it made me think so much of my childhood and all the songs I used to hear my Daddy sing. Once we finished the tour we headed to the gift shop to look around and see if there was some little something the children might enjoy. We picked up several music cassettes (yes, cassettes because that was what was most affordable and playable on our trip home). The kids LOVED that!!! We are also HUGE bluegrass fans and everyone from Flatt and Scruggs to Allison Kraus to Bela Fleck are uber faves in our home. I also found a little gem of a cookbook called the Bluegrass Music Cookbook. I brought this one home...

We also made a trip out to Andrew Jackson's home - The Hermitage. I have LOVED visiting old plantations and antebellum homes since I was a little girl of 12 or 13. The history is so very fascinating to me. I have also been one of those teachers that likes to find foods from the time periods I am teaching about. (when I taught public school and now homeschooling my own children). I picked up a little cookbook on our way out called Plantation Cooking at its Best by Darlene Funkhouser.

Another very enjoyable experience we had was touring the home of Elvis Presley - Graceland - on our 16th wedding anniversary. The cookbooks in the gift shop left something to be desired but right off the premises I found this precious cookbook written by the very cook that lived with Elvis for most of his life. The book is called the Presley Family Cookbook and it was written by Vester Presley and Nancy Rooks.

When I travel this is what I do... I take in all the sights and historical things I can, I take lots and lots of pictures, I collect maps and memories, and I collect cookbooks!!! LOL

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  1. I love Bluegrass music too. Is there sheet music in the cookbook too - songs to play for specific recipes? That would be pretty cool.