September 02, 2006

Finished processing chiles...

After everything was bagged up there were 6 dozen quarts of chiles to freeze!!! They are all labeled either mild, medium or hot. We enjoyed a relleno casserole and I saved back one bag for tomorrow for a corn and chile chowder. Now, I am going to bed... :)


  1. Did you buy them already roasted or did you roast them yourself?

    I saw a tv show a few weeks ago about Green Hatch Chilis (and their festival). Maybe next year, I'll order a box. My husband would LOVE it!

    Twinkling for Jesus,

  2. Hey Michelle!!! Here you buy the box of fresh chiles and then they roast them right outside the store for you for free, pack them into the box to steam and then you are good to go to stuff them into bags and freeze them. I NEVER peel them before I freeze them. They peel more easily after they have been frozen and thawed for use.