September 04, 2006

Monday's Menu Plan - Sept. 4 - Sept. 8, 2006

The rain has been coming down for almost three days and the high for today is 67 degrees. We had hot chocolate with breakfast and will be eating some soups this week in celebration of September and the coming Autumn season. Plus, eating soups and stews is a lighter dinner for us and we need some lighter dinners after yesterday's church dinner. It was mostly just meat... ;)

chicken noodle soup, biscuits (from a plantation cookbook I picked up last summer) and cantaloupe

Corn and green chile chowder and a green chile quiche

beef and bell pepper stir fry with veggies and eggdrop soup

ground turkey meat loaf, potatoes and green beans (a little comfort food)

Homemade whole wheat and veggie pizza for movie night or grilled cheese and tomato soup (depends on the mood by Friday)

I still owe you guys some recipes... keep me accountable and ask for something if you see something you like!

Thanks for reading!!!

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