September 17, 2006

Putting it all on paper...

Some experiences in food and some goals for school and business...

Goals for the Culinary program

  • to learn to be a better more efficient cook
  • to build my confidence in what I do in the kitchen
  • to be able to work any station in the kitchen where there is a need – including basic chef education and pastry chef education – and if a catering program comes open I will do that, too.
  • to be able to lead a team in the kitchen (like at our church or in a small business)
  • to learn how to run a small home-based business effectively
  • to build a business plan for my own catering, personal chef and HMR business
  • to be as effective and professional in what I do as possible and to build a good reputation for myself in the community as one that can be trusted to provide an excellent quality product and service.

Goals for my own business

  • To provide a way for families to eat healthy and eat at home more often in a busy world
  • To provide home meal alternatives to older people and couples that cannot or won’t cook for themselves in a healthy way
  • To provide meals that meet dietary needs and special diets for those who are on restricted diets (like my husband who has severe hypertension, my dad and father-in-law who have both had heart attacks and heart disease and my mom who has diabetes). I want to work with my clients to build a menu plan for good health.
  • To be able to teach what I learn to others – especially to moms like me and women who want to learn to cook for their own families in a healthy way – good food kids WILL eat and NOT junk food! It can be achieved!!!
  • To fight the epidemic of obesity in America one family at a time
  • To bring back the family dinner time for families so that they can have a more rich family life and they do not have to go OUT to eat all the time.
  • To build a small affairs catering service that can reach out to families, small businesses and churches in our community with great food at a reasonable cost for breakfasts, brunches, lunches, dinners and other events.
  • To possibly provide a food service to private schools in our area that will keep them from feeding our children fast food for lack of kitchen facilities.
  • Would love to write cookbooks on any or all of these things

Life experiences that can help me along the way…

My food service experience includes…

* working for McDonalds for one summer in high school. I worked mostly drive through and customer service. I also did cleanup tasks at every shift. Have you guys seen the 30 day experiment documentary called "Super Size Me" - eeeeeeewwwwwww... ;)

* I also worked in a pizza shop and did banquets with the food service providers at our university for two years. I mostly served, refilled drink glasses and coffee and bussed tables. In the pizza shop I took orders, chopped ingredients, made dough, and sauces, made pizzas to order and salads and bussed tables, washed dishes and assisted in nightly clean up tasks.

* Since I have been married I have prepared food for my family. I take that very seriously and build menus that will meet the nutritional needs of my family – especially my husband who is on a very restricted diet. Over the years I have gotten away from boxed mixes and canned goods and now prepare full meals from scratch every single day.

* I have cooked for our church and run the kitchen for anything that is needed for the past three and a half years.

* I am also in charge of maintaining supplies and shopping for what they are out of or need.

Life experiences and training...

* I have been a public school teacher. I taught special education and have an undergrad degree in elementary education and music with a master’s degree in special education and reading specialist.

* I have taught aerobics as a licensed aerobics instructor and personal trainer. I have experience building nutrition plans for people who are trying to lose weight and eat healthier.

* I am the manager of my family – every task, calendared item, appointment, practice… that would be me!

* I also run our home from daily chores to big cleaning and maintenance tasks.

* I have assisted my husband in the renovation of our home – including painting, tiling, minor electric and plumbing tasks and extensive yard work.

* I am the menu planner and personal chef to my family and have been for over 17 years. I have had to meet dietary requirements for my family and others when cooking for them.

* I am the mother of four children. I have nursed all four and have over 8 years experience in pregnant and nursing moms dietary needs and menu planning. I made baby food for all the kiddos and did not buy the store baby food jar stuff.

* I have studied and applied nutrition for children and use that to plan menus for my own children.

* I have experience writing my own recipes and adjusting recipes for special diets and needs.

* I am a homeschooler and have been for over 7 years. I have taught everything from English and math to music and domestic arts to my children.

* I am very computer literate and maintain two weblogs – one for homeschooling and one for culinary interests.

* I am a very experienced musician with voice training and performance, praise team experience, piano training and was in band for over 12 years. (played flute and some oboe)

* I am a seamstress and have made my own clothes as well as clothing for my children, home decorating accessories, quilting and other sewn items.

* I am a gardener and have grown herbs, vegetables and fruits for my own home cooking purposes without pesticides and chemicals. I do flowers and shrubs, too.

* I have been baking my own bread for over 4 years. I mill the grain myself and bake only whole wheat products in my home. I am familiar with a whole variety of grains and their purposes and uses in the daily diet.

* I also make my own yogurt and yogurt cheeses.

* I have taken some courses in cake decorating and have done cakes for my own children over the years.

* I am an avid reader and use that skill to find out about things I am interested in. I read cookbooks like they are novels. I LOVE cookbooks!!!

The next task is to see what all this experience will do for helping me with my home-based business ideas...

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