September 25, 2006

Some entertaining basics...

We took some time to work on service set up and information tonight. We were going to be doing the last two sauces and starting soups but we had a quiz and started on table settings and such instead. The culinary school does formal dinners to earn money for the school and it is almost solely run by students. We do menus, set up, waiting, cooking and baking for the whole thing just about every Wednesday. It is a really big deal! We had a set up "competition" tonight and guess who had her table ready and in formal service form first??? Yeppers... that would be me. See, all that Martha Stewart watching and reading has paid off and I know how to set a mean table!!! LOL I LOVE my second job (school) almost as much as I love my first job (that would be wife and mommy)!!!!!

Later... :)

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  1. Hey! This comes up *beautifully* now. Cool beans. :)