September 19, 2006

Tuesday Tidbits...

This is the day I share a little bit of news and a really cool piece of kitchen equipment that I use.

First the news...

We started sauces yesterday and we will be in the kitchen making the five Mother Sauces or Grand Sauces on Wednesday. I have a chapter to read and recipes to copy for Wednesday.

Last night we had to mise en place for a board meeting meal today. I got all my stuff done, got the clean up accomplished with my teammate and then headed home to make dinner for my family. I woke at 5:30am only to remember that I FORGOT TO MISE EN PLACE THE FETA CHEESE!!! Don't you HATE waking up freaked out??? It was a matter of just breaking it up and having it ready for them to use. Ok, so I am into the fifth week and only the second day in the kitchen and I screw up!!! *sigh* I am of the opinion, though, that I won't make that mistake again. I tend to learn best from my own screw ups! LOL I am also still struggling with finding things in the kitchen. Chef kinda assumes too much in thinking we can walk in and just KNOW where everything is. That is frustrating... but I am learning.

We also seem to have fewer class members each class. I wonder if they are all dropping out. I am guessing that we will have about 7 that are really interested in staying and finishing this program from our MW class. Some of the students are just NOT that committed to even attending class. Oh well...

Now, for something completely different...

Here is my VERY COOL cornbread pan!

This was given to me by my MIL and I LOVE IT!!! It took me awhile to really get it seasoned like I wanted but now it makes beautiful cornbread. :)


  1. ohh my momma has a seasoned cornbread pan JUST like that.

  2. I've seen that kind in stores... I love the dimples to make the bread look like corncobs. Does the bread actually take on that shape?

    Isn't cast iron the best for cornbread? We use our cast iron frying pan to make cornbread.


  3. Cast iron is, in my opinion, certainly best for cornbread. It is too dry when cooked any other way for me. The cornbread does look like little corncobs when you cook it in this pan, too.