September 15, 2006

What is HMR?

(cause somebody asked the question and I realized that I had not shared this info)

That would be Home Meal Replacements... (an article)

A lot of families are more interested in eating at home but do not have time to cook. If you go to the store on any given night and pick up a roasted chicken and precooked sides you are buying home meal replacement items.

The way it would work for me as a caterer is if I take orders for meals from a family during the week and then prepare a meal that they eat for dinner or another meal instead of cooking it themselves.

It is a way that many families are eating more healthy and at home instead of eating out all the time. It is also a good alternative for older people who either cannot cook or do not want to cook for one every night. The whole idea behind Meals on Wheels is based on this concept (except it is free). I am doing that for an elderly man once a week now who's wife just died and am not charging him. He is my BIL's grandfather and I see it as a ministry.

I would offer menus for the week and then people would choose what they want and I would prepare them for delivery or pick-up and they have instant dinner without dirtying their own kitchens to cook it.

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