September 27, 2006

Works-for-Me Wednesday idea...

Rocks in My Dryer hosts a WFMW each week. You can go to her site to see lots of great ideas every Wednesday...

On Sunday nights I menu plan for the week. I usually do shopping before I plan and buy sale things and plan around that. I will most often have stuff in my freezer that we have stocked up on to plan with. When my Meemaw was alive she was a nurses aide in a hospital. She would bring pans and containers home that were unused but thrown away because they were charged to a patient but not taken home. (she always asked before taking anything out of the hospital) Anyway, I have some of those little containers and use them for storage around the house. One of them is a little pink plastic container that I wash and keep in the bottom of my refrigerator. On Sunday night before I plan my menus for the week I will take that container out to the big freezer with me and take out meats to thaw for the week and place them in that container. I bring it in and place it in the bottom of my refrigerator. This is quick and convenient. There is no leaky mess to clean up at the bottom of my refrigerator because the container catches all the liquid. It is easy to throw into the sink or dishwasher and clean at the end of each week when all the meat is used up and I ALWAYS have thawed meat to cook with throughout the week so that I am not rushing to thaw something last minute. It works for me...


  1. I wish I did that yesterday!

  2. Anonymous7:58 PM

    Hi Leann! I'm back in here.........YAY! I'll be back later tonight and have a good read and see what's been cooking! LOL!

    I love reading about your culinary adventures at the moment!

    Cheers, WIlm

    PS Hope that the cat behaves tonight. Tell Dan -$1000 - wow, my Dutch blood nearly made me pass out. What a sweetie.