October 24, 2006

Comfort Food Extravaganza...

Monday night was ALL ABOUT POTATOES! We made whipped potatoes, country mashed potatoes, potato chips, sweet potato chips, beet chips (which were FABULOUS!!!), fan-tailed potatoes, croquette potatoes (like tater tots) and little disc potatoes made with a melon baller called Chateau Potatoes and Duchesse potatoes (piped through a pastry bag in a decorative shape and then browned on the outside in the oven. It was a deliciously comforting night in the kitchen for sure.

Tomorrow night we are doing grains and Chef has asked me to bring a bunch of grains from my stash at home. I will be bringing quinoa, millet, whole oats, couscous, and some wheat, spelt and polenta. I am hoping we get to do some pilaf and risotto. Those are so delicious! We have been able to have some more relaxed class time because we are unable to do the dinners until the main refrigerator is repaired. We are working out of the freezer and smaller fridge right now so the ingredients are limited and a full dinner cannot be done with such limits. As much as I enjoy working those dinners it is nice to have a more relaxed kitchen session the past two weeks.

In other news...

My Mom went home on Sunday. I was able to go to a luncheon with her on Friday of last week and during the lunch we got to watch a local cooking instructor as she did a demo on cooking with herbs. It was very good. I will post the recipes she shared with us later in the week. I think my favorite was the homemade ginger ale. It tastes so amazing and is very soothing to the stomach. I will be making that one quite often. I have also been spurred to do more herb gardening and will be working on adding some back in the kitchen. Most of the herbs I have now are still out in the garden by the back door. I may need to bring them in once the weather starts really turning cold. Right now we are still good with temps only dipping into the upper 40's at night. I am still getting some tomatoes and bell peppers but they are tapering off.

I turned in my rough draft on my project for my other class (ServSafe) and that feels pretty good. I have a take-home test that is due next Tuesday and no class this Thursday. I am heading to an outing with the family that night instead. I will post when I can.

Gotta run...

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