October 05, 2006

A quick update...

I finished my very long, very detailed test over chapters 5-9 in Safety and Sanitation tonight. My head hurts from all the little details I had to remember. The next topic is HACCP and then on to the midterm. I am learning so very much!!!

We did restaurant last night, too. Chef put me in charge of the cold station so we did salads, avocado soup (cold) and the amuse bouche (starting shot of carrot blush). It was a total rush!!! I had a fabulous night and I think Chef was happy with our work. I got to do platings and service upon order and I set up the whole cold station by myself before service started which means mise en placing all the ingredients. I worked from 3:00pm until about 10:00pm last night. I was totally exhausted when I got home - such a great kind of exhaustion. The kind where you work really hard and do a really great job and then collapse. I am so totally where I belong!!! :D

I will be putting up recipes tomorrow but thought I would pop in and talk a minute about French bread and Italian bread. The basic difference in them and regular bread that I make for my family is a little process called sponging. The idea is to let the starter kind of rise a bit or, in some cases, ferment a bit (overnight or so). There are two recipes that I have in my files from some great sites that you might be interested in trying. I am going to be playing with them soon and will share pics when I do...

French Bread

Italian Bread

There are other sources out there. These are just the ones that looked the most interesting to me as I was searching for them.

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