November 10, 2006

Admission time...

Ok folks, you may not believe this but.... I..... have never.....cooked.....WILD RICE!!! There, I said it... I have had it sitting in my pantry for almost 4 months and decided today was the day. LOL

I stumbled across this very informative site on the subject of Wild Rice and I thought I would share it with you.

California Wild Rice Advisory Board

Here is the menu for tonight's family night. Remember, I am roasting a turkey that FIL brought us...

Roasted Turkey
Wild Rice
Baked & Mashed Spiced Yams with pecans
Cranberries (still thinking on what to do with these but I will share when I finish)
Pumpkin braid
Brussel Sprout Medley

& for dessert...

a classic pumpkin pie from one of my Meemaw's recipes with a pie crust from a favorite Amish cookbook.

Pictures are coming... :)

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