November 18, 2006

The Bake-Off Results...

This was a local ACF sponsored baking event. I entered in two catagories - cookies and cake.

I went with NO expectations because it was my first time in such an event. There were activities for the kids and they made little graham cracker houses and smiley face cookies and got to eat lots and LOTS of sugar. LOL They had such a fun time...

We got to the end of the day and things were being announced. You know how you hope your name is called but if it is not you know that will be fine? Well, MY NAME WAS CALLED!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOHOOOOOOO....

I took 2nd place in the non-professional cake catagory with about 25 to 30 entrants.

I got some really great feedback from two of the chefs on how I could have tweaked it a bit more. I am SO THRILLED!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, and here is Davy's creation!!! I LOVE MY KIDDOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I promise all the recipes once life has settled down again. We have a concert tonight, a full day of church and finishing an assignment for class and then packing for the week with my parents. More later...


  1. Beautiful cake. I bet it took a long time to make. Congraulations!

    We'll be seeing you on the food network soon.

  2. Congrats! Every year I go to the state fair and look at all of the amazing stuff and think-maybe one day I'll enter something. So I would like to thank you for doing it for me!

  3. Looks soooo delish! Mmmmmm...

  4. Yay go Leann :-) It looks fantastic.

  5. That's so exciting! The Cake looks great!

  6. that is neat!!! but I don't think you count as a non professional -- just sayin'

  7. LindaMC7:22 AM

    Leann, Your creations look scrumpdelicious...I am so proud of you!

  8. kellie2:32 PM


    Way to go that is so wondeful, I have been out of the loop for a bit having just had major surgery but was so excited when I say this post. Keep up the good work and hopefully I will see you on Food Network someday which happens to be my 5 year olds favorite thing to watch.