November 16, 2006

Cookbooks for Kids...

For those of you who did not know... it is National Children's Book Week this week. With that in mind and knowing this is a foodie blog I thought I would share a moment with you about some favorite kids cookbooks in our home.

There is a book that was given to our daughter (8 year old) last year for Christmas. It is the original (not a copy of the original) Better Homes and Gardens Junior Cookbook.

The pages are worn and tattered and it's pages are yellowed and dogeared but it is a REAL TREASURE!!! We have put it back so that it does not get ruined and we pull it out from time to time to look something up and let Emmy work with me in the kitchen. Well, I was in a local store and saw that book in a newly released copy of the original 1955 edition and I could NOT pass it up. I am giving it to Emmy to use and not worry about ruining it. She will be able to take this one to her room and sit and thumb through it whenever she wants without upsetting Grandma because she messed the old one up.

I, also, still have my copy from 1979 and she uses that, too

They also have a NEW version that has been released and I will be getting that one for her, too.

Oh, and I will be picking this one up for her, too. She is a HUGE Rachael Ray fan... ;)
We are always looking for more recommendations, too. So, if you want to share a favorite cookbook that you used as a child or if you have a child that you have bought one for and you love it please share the title here with us.

Do you also have a favorite kid friendly recipe? Share that, too...

Thanks so much!!!

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