November 29, 2006

Finals week at the Culinary School

We were suppose to have finals next week but they are trying to close out a week early in the Culinary Department because everyone will be busy cooking and catering and such over the coming weeks.

We had our practicals on Monday and I totally SUCKED. Knife skills and meal prep was pretty stressful. I was so nervous I could NOT even think straight. Chef is a bit of hard nose, too. It is just too long to share it all. Well, I will share that I get punished because he is pushing me a bit more than some of the other students - his words not mine. I am not sure if that is a good thing but I think it might be. That does not make it less frustrating, though. I will continue to say that the practicals are NOT like real life and that frustrates me very much, too. That being said, I still LOVE going back to school and have learned a great deal this semester.

I finished my project for Safety and Sanitation and did my presentation last night. That went FABULOUSLY except that I was on sudafed for a pretty bad head cold and with dry mouth from being a bit nervous and sudafed I had a coughing fit in the middle of the presentation that demanded that I get water before I could finish. I so HATE THAT!!! LOL It worked out fine...

I have my last written final tonight and get to skip the SAS class final because I have an A in the class and we don't have to take it if we have an A. I am VERY thrilled about that.

Next semester I am taking Garde Manger and International Cuisine. I am ordering the textbooks by the end of the week and my parents have sent money so I will be able to pay for everything now instead of waiting until after Christmas when we have NOTHING left in the way of extra funds. ;)

We will be doing lots of baking for the holidays so the month of December will be about baking and Christmas food with my kiddos. I have a few more bread recipes to share for National Bread Month so let me get school done and I will post some more.

I got a new camera for my birthday (it is not until December 18th but the camera was on sale last Friday). It is going to be better for taking foodie pics so I will be sharing more with that I hope. My old camera had such poor resolution...

Oh, and my Mom took me shopping for kitchen stuff while I was there, too. I got some really cool stuff and will share pics on all of that, too. FUN!!!

Gotta scoot and get some schooling done and study in before class tonight. If'n ya are a prayin' person I would appreciate some for the test tonight. ;) Thanks!!! See ya later...

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  1. Sounds like a stressful week...hope you have a great break