November 01, 2006


November is National Bread Month

I am a bread baker! That is my specialty!!!
Oh, I want to cater, too, but bread baking and baking in general is my PASSION.
So, for the month of November I will be posting on bread and
whole grains and baking and all kinds of goodies.
So, get ready for the wonderful world of BREAD!!!

Here is an article from our local paper about the monthly celebration.
The Marcia Dowdy mentioned is a mentor of mine.
She was instrumental in teaching me to bake for my family.
She is an amazing woman!!!

You can also check out my sidebar to the right.
Scroll down to the section on Breadbaking 101 to get started.

Thanks for reading!!!


  1. Ooooh! This will be cool! :)

  2. What a great month for being on phase one of south beach, hmmm I think not. Sorry, couldn't resist! I do love making my own bread though, when I'm allowed to eat it :-)

  3. This, my dear, is why I WILL NEVER do South Beach. ;) The Sonoma Diet is very similar but allows bread and whole grains. I think the secret to good health is just cutting white foods as much as possible and fast foods completely. I only bake whole wheat...