November 07, 2006

What is restaurant night?

I have mentioned something called Restaurant in a few posts. It is part of what I am doing in school. It is a combination of working at a high end restaurant and Iron Chef. Here is what happens on a restaurant night...

* I show up ready to work at 3:00pm.
* We Mise en place all the items we will be using for the night in whatever station Chef assigns us.
* I have been running the cold station for the past three restaurant nights.
* That means that I get all the cold soups and salad stuff together and set up the refrigeration area with all the stuff I will need for the night.
* Once that is done we make sure all plates are chilled in the refrigerator and then Chef talks us through plating.
* Service starts around 6:30pm and then the craziness begins
* We plate everything assembly line style and I often have two helpers on the station
* Sometimes it is slow and sometimes everyone comes in all at once
* We get a call for the entree and then we plate it before it is fired (called for to go out)
* Once the service time is over then it is my crew's responsibility to clean all items used in our station and put all reusable things back into storage
* We wipe down the refrigerator and counters once all items are put away, unplug and move refrigerator back to storage and sweep and mop the floors and clean the sink area
* We finish with a family dinner (leftovers for the help kinda thing) and talk about the dinner and what we could make better next time.
* We, then, finish up with putting away all the china and service items and clean anything left uncleaned and then head home. (around 10:00pm)

It is a long and busy night and it is such an adrenaline rush!!!!

...we have one this Wednesday... ;)


  1. must be CRAZY workin' at a restaurant...though the time must fly by :)

  2. I can't wait till I am finally allowed to work in the School Restaurant. It's nothing fancy but it was already on $40 a day with Rachel Ray.