December 22, 2006

The Gingerbread start....

Letting it set up...
Letting it set up...,
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We got the dough made and cut out last night. We baked all the pieces and then put it together today. Tomorrow is the big decorating day. Oldest child and I put it together and the littler three will be helping with the rest tomorrow. The oldest is 13 and has this genetic bent for assembling and disassembling stuff. LOL This was right up his alley. We think he might be an engineer someday... ;)

This was the first year that we baked out own gingerbread and it was really easy. I cannot believe we have not done this before. You can see more of the process at my Flickr account.

For the record... I am TOTALLY sugared out!!! I think I shall be eating grapefruit for the next week. LOL

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