January 01, 2007

Happy New Year 2007

Hey guys!!! I have not done much cooking this week. After a week of being sick and with a house full of sick kids, too, I am still fighting a sinus infection. I am such a granola that I refuse to go to the doctor for meds until I am on my death bed!!! I am not that bad yet so I am still fighting it with natural remedies. They seem to be working. It would help if I had gone to bed at a decent hour last night but I did not. I stayed up to be with friends and family and I am a bit wiped out today.

Dan - the hubby - is putting in a new bathroom today. He is doing toilet and tile in the kids bathroom and I am just working on a resting, making a pot of beans and trying to think through a few things that need to be done in the next two weeks before I head back to school for the semester.

I did make some breadsticks and meatballs for our get-together for last night. I am still not eating much. It is so hard to enjoy food when you cannot taste it. *sigh* I have to be well in the next few days because Dan heads back to work. I am hoping to do some Once a month and freezer cooking this year. I have been asked to share some recipes on all of that and on crockpot cooking. I will put some things together for you guys... just let me get past the yuckies first.

I am also losing some more weight this year. I lost almost 15 pounds last year and I still have another 15 or so to go. I have some cookbooks coming that I bought with some Christmas money. I also got four new cookbooks for Christmas but they are about the pastry chef in me more than the healthy chef.

I also need to start thinking through some catering things because I have two events coming in about two months. I also need to get my name put on my chef jackets before the semester starts. I want to get a new jacket for my new business, too. I have got to start putting together a business plan and a bazillion lists of things to get done this year as I move through my coursework and get closer to becoming a REAL chef. I will have 13 hours under my belt toward the chef program (can only take night classes at this point in my life) and am playing with the idea of doing some summer school (nutrition and accounting???) I start the pastry program in the fall and I am so excited about that!!! I am working on a few new bread recipes, too. I need to get them honed and then put them on the list of breads I want to offer to customers.

There might be a cookbook started at some point in the new year, too. We shall see... (Wilm are you reading???) LOL

Well, that is a start for the new year. Happy New Year to you all!!!!!

Oh, one more thing... I opened a new Flickr account for my food stuff only.

Here ya go...


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  1. Anonymous11:41 PM

    Yes I am reading :-) The word cookbook jumped out at me :-)

    Hope that you are all doing ok (just read your message about taking time off as family crisis). Hope to hear from you soon.

    Cheers, Wilm

    PS Did you try any of the recipes I e-mailled you? You enthused me to try a pavlova recipe for Christmas - mini pavlovas. They were ok, but I need to practise it - not as soft in the middle as they should have been.