February 05, 2007

A Week's Worth of Menus...

For February 5-9, 2007

Tonight we are having a Cockaleekie soup with sandwiches (this is a meat, barely and leek soup from Ireland - very healthy and just what I need after coming off a stomach bug from the weekend)

Tuesday will be baked chicken and veggies

Wednesday we will be having round steak, baked sweet potatoes and salad

Thursday will be a leftover night because we have so much already in the fridge.

Friday will be pizza and a movie

Saturday will be something simple but not sure what yet... LOL

That's it. You can check out more menus over at OrgJunkie

I have been so busy lately that I have just not been putting stuff together until last minute. It is getting better because I took a week offline to get it all back in order. I will be off more in the coming weeks but hope to post here a bit more as I am settling into the semester. In school we have been cooking dishes from the British Isles and this week we move to Spain and Portugal region. Garde Manger has been full of pickling, compotes, relishes, chutneys, mustards and crackers. We move into cold sauces and soups this week. I am a cooking fool lately!!!!!! I am having the time of my life in school. I just wonder why I did not do this 20 years ago?!?! God's timing I suppose... ;)

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  1. Yummy Leann. You have a terrific looking menu plan. I also enjoyed my blog visit.
    Happy Library Lover's Month.