February 11, 2007

What's up in school...

This is week 5 of school and I am LOVING our International Cuisine class. So far, we have studies the British Isles, Scandinavia and this coming week we are doing Russia and the Eastern European countries. Last week I made this scrumptious recipe during class - ALL BY MYSELF!!! Here is my first tart...

I also made an almond carmel cake. I am looking forward to Spain and Portugal coming up after this week, too. I am hoping to take more pics during class to share, too. Since I got my camera at Christmas I have been taking it to class. Now, if I just remember to take it out during class and snap some photos. LOL


  1. That looks SO incredible...like someting I'd get at a pastery store

  2. How interesting! International Cuisine class! I am Scandinavian (Sweden) by the way.