March 15, 2007

Going PC...

No, not politically correct or even personal computer. I am going PERSONAL CHEF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am involved in a move to start as a personal chef to one family and maybe two. This is so exciting!!! With a job as a personal chef I can work out a cooking day for both families and make a bit extra for our family as well as stil be able to go to school (and pay for school) and be with my family. Dan is VERY ON BOARD with this move!!! He is helping me think through my business plan and pricing with his accounting and finance background. This could be a very exciting thing for our whole family and our daughter is very excited to learn how to be my sous chef, too, but she has a few years before she can do that (she is nine...). LOL

Here is what I am reading lately...


  1. Wish you were here and I had more money so you could cook for me!

  2. LEANN!!! THAT'S GREAT!!! I am SO happy for you! And I TOO wish I lived closer...okay you live in too cold an area of our country...I wish YOU lived closer so I could use your talents!!

  3. Oh WOW, what a fantastic endeavor! To do something you enjoy so much, share it with your child AND make a bit o' money for the family--AWESOME! I look forward to hearing about the types of things you cook for these families.

    ~~Good Luck!!