April 06, 2007

Sunday dinner...

Sunday dinner has always, ALWAYS been a big thing in my family. When I was a little girl I remember coming in from church to the smell of pot roast, potatoes and carrots or meatloaf and mashed potatoes and green beans. There was always a big family meal and we always ate together on Sundays. It did not change when I grew up and got married. Dan and I always ate a big meal together at home or with church members. When we lived in Crowley and were commuting on weekends to Paluxy for services as a young pastor and wife we would often spend the afternoons with congregation members for lunch and visiting time.

Holidays are especially memorable with Thanksgiving meals and Christmas meals. With Easter this weekend I am remembering Easter's past... Spring is particularly memorable in my mind because of Easter dinner together. There were lots of dinners followed by Easter egg hunts as a child. We would be dressed in our most magnificent attire and have to change into play clothes before eating and running off to find eggs. Sometimes we would be at my Meemaw's for chicken, black eyed peas, cabbage and a whole host of other southern delights. Dinner was ALWAYS followed by something scrumptious in the pie family.

I recall a particular Easter dinner we spent with a friend in college and his mother was from Scotland. I love the traditions that people share as a family. This dinner was complete with a corned beef, cabbage, potatoes and a luscious trifle, little spring table decorations and decorated boiled eggs for each person. We also spent one Easter with a couple in Kansas that took us out to eat because she did not cook but we sat around the table for hours at their home drinking coffee and tea, eating a cake she had baked from a box (which was just as lovely because of the company) and visiting after we had been out to eat. Everyone is so different in what they do and how they celebrate.

Once we moved back here to El Paso we have taken on the tradition of Sunday dinner at Grandma's (MIL). She often makes things like roast, roulade, chicken and meatloaf for Sunday celebrations together. This year will be a bit different, though. We are still eating at Grandma's but I am bringing the leg of lamb and the challah. No, we are not Jewish but we do celebrate a tradition of Old Testament Passover (along with a Seder) combined with the New Testament Resurrection Sunday. I am looking forward to cooking my first leg of lamb for the family. I will take pictures...

In the meantime, I pray you all have a lovely weekend with your families and all the traditions you will share!!! Please share some with us here if you feel so inclined. I would love to hear what you are having!!!!!

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