May 17, 2007

Cooking Meals Ahead - resources

I have several books on my shelf that fall under this topic. There are LOTS of books for this out there. Here is a place you can look if you like and you can pick what might fit your situation. You can find many of these books at most local libraries or have them sent in the interlibrary loan system. You can also buy many of these used...

My personal favorites are...

* Once a Month Cooking by Mary Beth Lagerborg and Mimi Wilson

* There is a second book that Lagerborg and Wilson did called Table Talk that is a great companion book to their first one.

* Frozen Assets - Deborah Taylor-Hough

* Don't Panic - Dinner's in the Freezer

* The Everything Meals for a Month Cookbook

* Dream Dinners: Turn Dinnertime into Family Time with 100 Assemble-and-Freeze Meals - Allen and Kuna

The Once-a-Week Cooking Plan: The Incredible Cooking Program That Will Save You 10 to 20 Hours a Week (and Have Your Family Begging for More!) - Joni Hilton (the meals in this are a little more fancy but VERY delicious!!!
* Mega Cooking - Jill Bond - this is a BIG cooking plan for six months to a year at a time cooking session.

Each one of these books has their own way of doing things. Some offer step-by-step and every recipe and some just give you an overview. Check them out and get started with a plan you can stay with and do easily.

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