May 04, 2007

Garde Manger Final...

We had to make a sandwich, a salad, a sauce and an hors d' oeuvres tray. I chose to go TOTALLY vegetarian in my choices. It worked out quite well. I had one glitch... I had a ceremony for my son to attend so I was late to class and did not get to aspic my stuff before displaying it. Chef told me I would not be penalized because he knew about the ceremony and agreed I needed to be there. Here is my stuff...

My sandwich - a chickpea filling with red onions and lettuce. I made the Challah bread for this sandwich.

A Fattoush - Meditteranean Bread Salad (This was INCREDIBLY good) I also made the pita bread (whole wheat) for this salad.

My tray - clockwise from top left (the sauce)
* The sauce was a yogurt cucumber sauce
* The terrine is an asparagus/mushroom/leeks/goat cheese and labneh terrine
* tomatoes stuffed with tabbouli and topped with mint
* Endive filled with a lentil and red pepper salad and topped with capers
* mushrooms with goat cheese (I made the yogurts and cheese myself) and topped with chives
* Carrot and orange pate in little barquettes and topped with parsley

Here is the Challah - six strand braid - before it went into the oven to bake

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