May 12, 2007

I made BAGELS!!!

Thanks to the encouragement of my friend Christine I took the time and mustered up the courage to attempt something that has been intimidating me for a very long time. I milled some hard red grain, found the PERFECT recipe and got started yesterday. I finished them off this morning for breakfast (finished as in cooked not ate!!! LOL) They are 100% whole wheat and low in salt and sugar. I made two dozen and only altered the recipe enough to add some cinnamon and raisins. The were absolutely scrumptious and very easy to make - they just take a little time and I always say that anything worth it takes time. They are TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!!! I think my next batch will be a local favorite... green chili bagels!!!


  1. where's the recipe??? My daughter has been wanting to learn to make bagels. I'm so glad it worked out so well for you!!


    So excited for you.

    Today I tackled scones. OH BABY! Let them be your next mountain to climb. It's a small one, and it's covered in nummy powdered sugar.

  3. According to my 13 year old I am quite the scone maker. He eats anything!!! LOL I will have to delve into some fancy schmancy scones for the weekend. Thanks for the link!!! :)