May 19, 2007

Making Gnocchi...

Well, I had some cheeses in the 'fridge and some fresh herbs in the garden along with a passel of potatoes so I made gnocchi with the kids today. Doesn't that look YUM?!?!

I don't actually follow a recipe too much.
I make up a few potatoes by boiling them with skins on until they are fork tender.
Then, I peel them and use a potato ricer to break them up.
Thirdly, I would add some flour and an egg or two
until I get the consistency of pasta dough
and knead it for a few minutes with a light dusting of flour on the counter.
Make a big ball and cut it into four equal sections.
Then roll out the sections like a big playdoh snake.
Cut little "pillows" out of that and roll on a fork or gnocchi board to make the ridges.
Drop them into boiling water until they float
and use your favorite sauce
or a bit of butter and parmesan, salt and pepper to taste.
I will saute them in olive oil or butter to heat them back up
before saucing and serving and that is it.

This particular sauce you see above is basically
a Bechamel sauce (white cream sauce)
with parmesan and ricotta cheese added
and it is topped with a bit of Italian Parsley from my garden.

My middle boy got into it and enjoyed eating what he made, too.

Here are some rolled and ready to go in the boiling water.

Here is another angle of rolling out the little gnocchi dumplings
with my NEW TOY.
That is a gnocchi rolling board and it gives gnocchi it's ridges.
You can also use a fork but this is so much more fun to play with
and it only costs a few dollars.
The ridges are important for allowing the sauce to cling to the pasta or dumpling.
I got that board for Mother's Day.
The gnocchi was delicious and now it is ALL GONE!!!

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