May 18, 2007

My kitchen... the bread and cheese factory!

I baked four loaves of bread today, made yogurt last night and will be checking it soon to see if it is ready to refrigerate and then tonight I am making mascarpone cheese and later in the weekend (after a trip to the grocery store for milk) I will be making whole milk ricotta cheese. If you have ever priced these items in the grocery store I must tell you that making your own (even though it takes a little time) is SO MUCH CHEAPER!

When I make bread...

I also make pizza for the kiddos for lunch.
Doncha love my ugly brown countertop?
I SO need a kitchen makeover!

Here is the yogurt so far.
It needs a little bit longer, maybe overnight, on top of the refrigerator.
(the warmest place in the house for it)
On goes the towel and back on top until tomorrow...

I will put up some cheese recipes a little later.

1 comment:

  1. I made bread today too, so yummy! Can't wait for the cheese recipes!