June 19, 2007

From my little orchard...

My orchard consists of two peach trees, two apricot trees, a plum tree, a pear tree, a pecan tree and an apple tree. I picked peaches yesterday and here is what I brought in. I needed to pick them a few days early so the birds would not get them picked clean. I lost about 7-8 waiting this long. :)

The tree was so heavy with peaches it was hunched sideways. One of the peach trees is a June bearing tree and the other is an August bearing tree so I get peaches twice in the summer! It is cobbler time!!!!!!

Look at that beautiful coloring!!!!! YUMMO!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I love it when you get to harvest things you've grown. We have loganberries which are ripe around now, although the crop does not seem, that great this year. We will also have blackberries later in the year - my Dad encourages them to grow along the fence which is next to an alleyway as an extra security measure!
    We also live quite near a public park which has lots of plum trees, and the past couple of years we've picked some of them too - if we didn't they would just go to waste.