June 01, 2007

KAAAAAA CHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Somebody is turning 3 tomorrow...

Another one of my experiments on one of my darling children.

Some cracks and mistakes but my precious boy recognized it
and it made me cry when I saw that little face light up so!!!


  1. I love it!!

    Can I order one for next March?

  2. Oh, wow! Our boys would be best buds!

  3. WoW! I love it :-)
    Just wanted to let you know that I've created a link to your foodie blog from my blog. I hope that's ok. Mostly for me to have the easiet way to come over and steal\borrow some more of your fantastic links, ideas and recipes. Obviously I'll link back to you if I talk about any of them on my blog :-)

  4. It turned out marvelous!

  5. What a killer cake!!

  6. I have a little 5 year old cousin who would just love this cake. He is so into cars, If he had his way he'd have his drivers license by the time he turns 6 lol.