July 02, 2007


I have been blessed with the bestowing of a cool title!!! Thank you His Singer for the lovely Rockin' Girl Blogger Award!!!!! In honor of this I will display my button proudly and pass along the love of my favorite Rockin' Girl Bloggers... They won't necessarily be foodie bloggers just 'cause.

1. One goes to a new blogger - my personal friend Ingra who makes going to church fun and is not afraid to hang out in her PJs when the opportunity strikes!!!

2. Cheri at Kudzu and Koolaid because I have always, ALWAYS adored her!!! I cannot wait to meet her IRL - which should be someday soon!!!

3. Dana at ThinkPink - 10 year survivor of breast cancer and the one who shares a brain with me on most days!!! LOL I love you Dana!!!!!!!!!!!!

4. Angela (AGK) - who is leaving us in the blogosphere for a higher calling. I have loved her writing for years and will miss the daily stuff but, look out - 'cause she is on a mission!!!

5. ...and a posthumous award goes to my dearest Soul Sis Natalie who was a Rockin' Girl Blogger who's words live on through her father at NattieRoseWrites

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