July 22, 2007

A weekend away...

I headed to the Midland area for the weekend for a ladies retreat. I had such a blast. One of the workshops I decided to attend was on Nesting: Using Your Home as a Ministry. One of the things I have been spurred to do is open my home for those around me to cook for them. One of the books I picked up while I was there was Food That Says Welcome: Simple Recipes to Spark the Spirit of Hospitality by Barbara Smith. Hospitality is something I really feel is an important part of who I am and what I do. Culinary school has made me more confident in that and I think it is time to step it up.

I also feel that this blog can reflect that more and more. With my summer schedule about to slow way down I want to spend more time here sharing my thoughts on all of this and lots more recipes with you guys. I know school gets in the way of that a great deal. I have two major projects to finish up this week and then a week in the mountains cooking over a fire and learning to cook some hiking and backpacking food. I am hoping to get a post up about camping and hiking foods and resources, too. I know not all of you camp but some of you might be able to glean from the things I have to share.

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  1. Can I just say I've only read two posts, and I really like you! A lot! :) I have a list of some great-sounding camping meals from our local supermarket nutrition lady. I think some of them could be adapted to fish based or vegetarian. Maybe I'll forward it on to you... Love your aspirations for hospitality, too.