August 11, 2007

Cooking lull...

I have been in a cooking slump the last five days or so. We rushed in from Colorado on Tuesday night only for me to have to go to some flower show training I am working on Wednesday-Friday. It is a National Garden Clubs certification class. There are four and I have attended the first two. The next one is in January or February of 2008. It is something that is helping me with table and plating design in some really cool ways. It is expanding my creative eye and that is good for everything I do.

I have been so incredibly exhausted when I get home at night that I have not been in the mood to stand in the kitchen being creative. I am hoping this next week will be better. Dan is gone this weekend and when he is not around I am not as likely to step outside the food box either. The kids have their favorites and I just make those. We just finished off a homemade pizza and that is the extent of it for the day. LOL

I did purchase my baking fundamentals book and I officially begin the pastry chef program in a little over a week. I am also taking a nutrition class that is required, too. I am looking forward to both classes very much. I often wish I could take more than two classes at a time but with my full load at home and homeschooling I just have to be patient with taking two at a time. I will be finished somewhere close to 2010. LOL ... but I will have both chef and pastry chef done when I am finished and I am working on a personal chef certification as I go, too, on my own. By the time the kids are all older I will be ready to start a full-time business. In the meantime, I am just having the time of my life in school!

... another little tidbit... I am doing my first Daring Bakers Challenge.... shhhhhhhhh..... it's a secret.... I have some shopping to do after payday this week then I get to play in the kitchen. Stay tuned for results and recipe at the end of the month. :)

Stay tuned for Monday Menus and some recipes for back to school quick dinners...

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