August 21, 2007

No calories...

Here is something for the chef and the crocheter combined. A link to a crochet cake!!! It is so cute!!!!! That would be such a cute little display. I need to add that to the things I want to crochet during the TV free cold months. LOL

In other news, I wrote out my menus for the week but they just did not get posted. I was offline a lot yesterday because I have been purging the house. I started school last night, too. I am taking nutrition and fundamentals of baking. This is going to be a very enjoyable semester for me. My first love is baking!!! Maybe with nutrition and baking together I will not gain much weight because they will balance each other in my brain somehow. Maybe I will think twice before taking that second bite while testing recipes. Maybe... ;) Let me settle in and then I will be posting regularly again... :)

1 comment:

  1. Take your time, hon. I really like the idea of the crochet cake.