September 19, 2007

Menu plan... and some updating

I did not do a menu plan for this week because we are basically on the run. We are doing sandwiches a few nights this week and so I thought that was not very interesting.


Monday: we had a roasted chicken with veggies
Tuesday: Sandwiches and fruit
Wednesday: Sandwiches and cut raw veggies
Thursday: Something in the crockpot
Friday: Family sit down meal but I have no idea what yet! LOL

That is boring... LOL ;)

The updates would include the fact that I had a nutrition test last week and have been studying a lot. Baking class has been really cool with the baking of yeast breads and a few quick breads. I have TONS of pictures but they are all on my computer. I am blogging on my hubby's computer because mine is no longer able to be online without the severe risk of viruses. I am shopping for a new one sometime in the near future so we did not upgrade our virus software because I don't want to put it on a computer I am not going to be using much longer. I have lots to share with you when I upload some pics here.... which I hope will be soon. In the meantime I will pop in and get some book stuff up and maybe have a bit of time to post some recipes. Life is NUTS right now but oh, so, enjoyably fun!!! :)

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  1. And that is what is important, my friend, the enjoyment in the midst of things being crazy.